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  • Natural Language Inference
  • Text Classification

Although Transformer has achieved great successes on many NLP tasks, its heavy structure with fully-connected attention connections leads to dependencies on large training data. In this paper, we present StarTransformer, a lightweight alternative by careful sparsification. To reduce model complexity, we replace the fully-connected structure with a star-shaped topology, in which every two non-adjacent nodes are connected through a shared relay node. Thus, complexity is reduced from quadratic to linear, while preserving capacity to capture both local composition and long-range dependency. The experiments on four tasks (22 datasets) show that Star-Transformer achieved significant improvements against the standard Transformer for the modestly sized datasets.

Paper: https://arxiv.org/pdf/1902.09113v2.pdf

NAACL 2019


  1. Implement the LSTM architecture in Tensorflow.
  2. Show the results for Text Classification. (Dataset-SST is mentioned in the paper)

ID: 61